Benefits Of Crime Prevention Program Of Southern California Membership

Empowering Construction Companies

The Crime Prevention Program of Southern California (CPP of SoCal) knows that crime prevention is everyone’s business. The best way to protect job sites and construction equipment is by working together to prevent crime.

Membership in CPP of SoCal offers many benefits to those who join this long-established and relevant organization. When an organization joins, it takes a vital step that empowers their company while directly addressing theft and fraud issues in the construction industry.

What is CPP SoCal?

Founded in 1984, CPP of SoCal has been on the forefront of construction industry crime prevention in Southern California. With a mission to protect members’ assets from theft and fraud, CPP of SoCal works as the liaison for members with law enforcement partners throughout Southern California. Using our time-tested contact base of law enforcement and industry partners CPP of SoCal works with your company to obtain the personalized response you deserve.

In addition to working to prevent construction site theft, over 35 years, CPP SoCal has assisted in the recovery of equipment worth more than $48 ½  million dollars. 

Benefits of membership

CPP of SoCal benefits Southern California’s construction  industry with a vast network of professionals who work together to prevent all types of crime currently plaguing the industry. Additionally, members tap into ongoing assistance and support that includes:

  • Customizable layers of protection for your equipment and job site
  • State-of-the-art 24-hour reward hotline
  • Information on time-tested marking methods for tools and heavy equipment
  • Free training and seminars for members and our industry and law enforcement partners
  • Insight on improving inventory practices to encourage more effective reporting and increase  the potential recovery of members’ stolen construction equipment
  • Direct notification to more than 800  contacts in the CPP of SoCal database that describes your loss
  • Collaboration with key local and regional law enforcement contacts: local police, sheriff’s departments, California Highway Patrol and more
  • Support from local and regional prevention partners: companies representing firms in equipment rental, insurance and security  

Become a Member in Time for the Holiday Crime Spike

As the holidays approach, our attention often shifts from work requirements to all that is associated with a little time off to spend with family and friends. This is often when there are longer than usual periods of closure for construction sites. CPP SoCal knows that most thefts are crimes of opportunity with criminals taking full advantage of job sites that are deserted while employees enjoy some holiday merriment. CPP recommends taking steps now to prepare your equipment and yards from being an easy target during the holiday season.

When you become a member, you join with hundreds of other individuals and organizations that represent the diversity of the construction industry. Sign up today to learn how to take advantage of the many benefits membership with CPP of SoCal can provide and join our ever-growing community working to fight crime and help us prove: Together, We Make A Difference.

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