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About Construction Industry Crime Prevention Program in Southern California

Crime Prevention Program of Southern California (CPP) is on the forefront of construction industry crime prevention in Southern California.

CPP was founded in 1984 and has assisted in the recovery of equipment worth more than $49 million dollars in that time.

Crime Prevention Program of Southern California’s (CPP) mission is to protect our members’ assets from theft and fraud. As the liaison for our members with our law enforcement partners throughout Southern California, CPP offers time-tested marking methods, free training, seminars, and ongoing support to assist in the prevention, reporting and potential recovery of our members’ stolen construction equipment.

CPP uses our dynamic, time-tested contact base of law enforcement and industry partners to work with your company to obtain the personalized response it deserves.

How CPP of SoCal works for you:

  • Customizable layers of protection for your equipment and jobsite
  • Collaboration with key local and regional law enforcment contact – CHP, local police and Sheriffs’ Departments, National Insurance Crime Bureau
  • Support from local and regional prevention partners; companies representing firms in equipment rental, insurance and security as well as our unique member base
  • CPP of SoCal coordinates with law enforcement in the event of a theft and advocates on your behalf to facilitate a response from law enforcement
  • Direct notification to over 400 contacts in our database that describes your loss
  • State of the art 24-hour reward hotline
  • Time-tested, multi-agency and industry partnerships make your membership in the Crime Prevention Program of SoCal an invaluable asset to protect your company
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