Board of Directors

Crime Prevention Program of Southern California Board of Directors

CPP is governed by a Board of Directors that represents the diversity of the companies we represent and the organizations we work with to combat construction crime in Southern California.

CPP of SoCal Executive Board – 2022

Rudy Arvizu~ President
OC 405 Partners JV
Tel: (858) 251-2200
[email protected]

Brad Baker~ Vice President
Sunstate Equipment Co., LLC
Tel: (714) 779-2161
[email protected]

Austin Meechan-Maddon ~ Secretary / Treasurer
Coastline Equipment

Tel: (562) 272-7449
[email protected]

Pat McCann ~ Former President
United Rentals
Tel: (562) 663-1500
[email protected]

CPP of SoCal Executive Director – 2022

Melissa Somers-
Executive Director
CPP of Southern California
2390 E. Orangewood Ave.
Suite 585
Anaheim, CA  92806
[email protected]

Please note correspondence to all officers can be mailed to the office address above.

CPP of SoCal Board of Directors – 2022

Michael Bell
Robert Bell Insurance Brokers, Inc.

Tel: (760) 258-4564 / cell: (760) 703-3061
[email protected]

Kenny Hagerman

CHP – Border Division
Tel: (714) 288-8254
[email protected]

Al Chen
CHP Inland Division
Tel: (909) 806-2400
[email protected]

Wilma Cox
Quinn Company
Tel: (951) 774-3226
[email protected]

Shaun Flanagan
West Coast Equipment
Tel: (951) 256-2040
[email protected]

John Frazier
Quinn Company
Tel: (562) 463-4000
[email protected]

Dennis Frias

Law Enforcement Liaison

Locator Technologies LLC
P.O. Box 338
Glendora, CA 91740
Tel: (702) 583-4985
Fax: (888) 317-9755

[email protected]

Jim Graham
United Rentals
Tel: (949) 496-4783
[email protected]

Jasmine Guiao
SC Fuels

Tel: (714) 559-1500
[email protected]

Karie Mendoza

Tel: (714) 231-5604
[email protected]

Michael Ortiz
Sukut Construction Inc.
Tel: (714) 460-1046
[email protected]

Lt. Bruce Hosea

Tel: (626) 238-4998
[email protected]

Fernando Garcia

Sunstate Equipment
Tel: 714-313-2128
[email protected]

Sgt. Dana Weinberg

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept
Tel: (760) 248-2279
[email protected]

Tim Karle

Atkinson Construction
Tel: (949)855-9755
[email protected]

Kurt Brown

Ritchie Bros
Tel: (951)505-8916
[email protected]

Jamie Cox

ARA Insurance
Tel: (816)278-5015
[email protected]

John Gauthier

Boudreau Pipeline
Tel: (951)6604028
[email protected]

Lou Koven

NICB Retired / NICB
Tel: (213) 300-7407
[email protected]

Rigo Betancourt


P.O. Box 25546, Anaheim, CA 92825
Tel: (949) 538-07401

Mike Quinlan

Simpson Chevrolet
Tel: 714-672-3898
[email protected]

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