Crime Prevention


Provides signs and decals offering rewards to get employees, neighbors and the general public involved in solving crime situations, on a 24/7 basis.


Our complete program works for all sizes, types and specialty firms that join CPP.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Local and regional law enforcement agencies along with special law enforcement task forces work closely with CPP:

  • FEAR – Border And Customs
  • ISU – California Highway Patrol
  • OCATT – Orange County
  • RAID – Riverside County
  • CARGO CATS – Los Angeles County
  • BAD CATS – Los Angeles City – LAPD
  • SANCATT – San Bernardino County
  • SLO CATS – Central Coast
  • TRAP – Los Angeles County
  • VEN CATS – Ventura

Insurance Industry

Insurance firms may offer a premium reduction on equipment floaters for their insured’s who join CPP and put preventative measures in place.

Manufacturers and Dealers

Manufacturers and Dealers

CPP has a working relationship with corporate security offices of all major manufacturers of construction equipment, along with local dealers.