Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Understand Why and How CPP SoCal Benefits Your Company

Crime Prevention Program of Southern California (CPP SoCal) has been on the forefront of construction industry crime prevention in Southern California since 1984. The industry has changed over the years, but the need for crime prevention on the jobsite remains vital. While CPP SoCal brings many benefits to your company, we often get asked about our program as well as the types of crimes we’ve encountered. Here are answers to those frequently asked questions.

Answers to FAQ

Q: Do your decals really get much response?

A: In the first quarter of 2019, CPP SoCal members who reported thefts had an 87% recovery rate of the equipment. We encourage implementing multiple layers of prevention that span the latest in technology and low-tech deterrents. Our Reward Hotline decals are a proven deterrent, but one, very important  item that is often overlooked.  This small investment can save thousands of dollars for your company.

Q: How can we teach our employees about crime prevention?

A: CPP SoCal offers our members free, engaging and  comprehensive training tailored to individual needs – whether it’s one-on-one training or group/supervisory training, CPP is here to help. 

Q: I have GPS on most of my equipment so why would I join CPP?

A: GPS and other technology are great tools to help you manage and track your equipment, but nothing is 100% effective. Additionally, while this technology can work well, it’s important not to rely on any single prevention or identification method with your assets.  

CPP helps our members implement a layered approach to prevention that not only helps prevent equipment theft, but increases the chances of a recovery if it is stolen. GPS might tell you where your stolen equipment is located, but CPP’s relationships with law enforcement gives you a leg up on being able to recover it, even if it’s located on private property. Thieves know to look for and disable or remove tracking devices. They have gotten very savvy at re-selling stolen equipment quickly. This can often happen before you even know something is missing. Having additional ways to identify your equipment can make all the difference in the world for a chance of a recovery. Having access to CPP’s established relationships with law enforcement officers throughout the region kicks up the effectiveness of your GPS and other implemented prevention methods. 

Q: How would membership with CPP benefit my company if historically we’ve experienced very little theft?

A: The advantage of having an established relationship with an organization like CPP is our proven history of service to the construction industry. We are the source you can turn to for help, even before you’re in the unfortunate position of needing it. 

Being engaged in the CPP community also allows you access to information that keeps you in the know with theft trends, recent fraudulent activity, security solutions and best reporting practices. Our ability to successfully liaison with law enforcement agencies throughout the region on your behalf helps close the gap that can exist between discovering a theft and working towards a successful recovery. 

Q: What can I expect as a CPP member?

A: Plenty! Membership with CPP is only $795 a year and includes year round training, support, and communication. There are no additional fees for submitting your incidents, or receiving Alert and Fraud bulletins or training seminars.  You gain access to our Reward Hotline information and can choose to purchase Reward Hotline decals and signs to mark your equipment or site. We share your reported losses with our extensive list of contacts and liaison with law enforcement for a faster response that can increase the chance of stolen equipment being recovered

When CPP members experience a theft, calls are made, bulletins are circulated, reports are followed up and, whenever possible, the information is verified. We share our proven recommendations for inventory management, marking equipment and theft prevention and offer valuable support to help you tee up the best information when filing a report to increase your chance of recovery.  

Membership provides  peace of mind  because you’ve got someone in your corner working diligently to protect your assets and ready to assist you when you need it most. Need additional insight? See what other members say about benefits they’ve found with CPP.

Q: How is membership with CPP different from a national registry?

A: CPP works diligently to maintain our connections with agencies and officers throughout the region so we have the BEST local contacts and  reach out to them when our members need help. These established partnerships, fostered over time and established through mutual support, translate to a faster response and provide the personal experience your company deserves. 

We pride ourselves in providing resources, personalized training, and on-going support for our members and law enforcement partners, because we know, and strive to prove every day: Together, We Make A Difference.

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