Who and what we know  

Founded in 1984, CPP of SoCal has more than 30 years of relationships and experience in fighting construction crime and has assisted in the recovery of over $48 million in equipment at that time.

Our mission is to protect our members’ assets from theft and fraud. CPP offers time-tested marking methods, free training, seminars, and ongoing support to assist in the prevention, reporting and potential recovery of our members’ stolen construction equipment.  

Acting as the liaison for our members with law enforcement partners throughout Southern California, CPP of SoCal collaborates with key contacts in local and regional law enforcement agencies, regional crime prevention partners, regional task forces and our unique member base which includes firms from the construction, equipment rental, automotive, security, and insurance industries.  

Springing to action

Our focus is on prevention, which is accomplished with clear, pertinent communication and ongoing support. We not only encourage and support our members to take a proactive stance when it comes to prevention, but we also assist them in taking the same approach when they are a victim of a theft. 

CPP and can make recommendations to improve your company’s inventory procedures as well as ways to maximize your marking techniques to deter thieves and improve your chances of recovering stolen equipment. We also train members on how to best “tee up” information for law enforcement when reporting a theft. 

Members have 24/7 access, not only to our Reward Hotline but to CPP staff and those who support us. When we get a call that a member has had a theft:

  • Calls are made
  • Bulletins are circulated
  • Reports are followed up on 
  • Information is verified as being correct

Due to the nature of construction equipment itself, lack of available information, human error, inventory controls, law enforcement training, and other factors, construction equipment can be extremely challenging to report correctly.  

As a liaison between our members and law enforcement, we work to facilitate more effective communication and proper reporting of incidents and ensure your loss gets the attention it deserves. 

Hot Sheet

CPP shares an extensive contact list to establish ownership, communicate information and maintain the invaluable resources available on the CPP website. In 2019, CPP established an on-going Hot Sheet of all CPP member-reported thefts since January 2018. The Hot Sheet goes out to law enforcement contacts on a weekly basis; it’s also available on the website for officers to refer to in the event they come across any equipment that is suspected to be stolen.  

Email blasts are also sent to our members, local and regional law enforcement, members of the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), Border Patrol and regional task forces and individuals interested in construction crime. CPP communication is shared within agencies and forwarded to Western State Auto Theft Investigators (WSATI) contacts as well as individuals with the California Metal Theft Investigators Association (CMIA) and officers representing cargo theft task forces. This extensive exposure helps increase the chance of someone spotting your equipment and getting it back on the job. It can also be a vital step in the overall reduction of crime. Additional alert bulletins are sent when a member has an incident.  

Real life example

GPS and LoJack is a huge help when it comes to tracking and managing your heavy equipment. One member was able to locate stolen equipment that was parked on someone else’s private property. Thus, there was no way to just go and get it. 

The member contacted the local law enforcement agency to file a report and then reached out to CPP.  Since we work directly with task forces who work in auto theft, our law enforcement contacts were able to make locating the equipment their priority and arrived at the property within 30 minutes.  Not only was our member’s equipment recovered, but additional stolen items were also recovered and arrests were made.

CPP works for you

Membership with CPP of SoCal is only $795. With it, you get free training and access to ongoing support throughout the year.  You may also qualify your company for an insurance discount. 

We ask that you consider CPP’s Partner Program as an option for your membership, a unique program that also gives your company varying levels of exposure on our website, marketing and training materials, and, when applicable, our alert bulletins. 

Experience has shown what we strive to prove every day: “Together, We Make A Difference!”

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