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Market your business to our tight knit construction industry community

The construction industry is a tight knit community that works best when it’s working together. CPP encourages our partners and members to support each other with our partner program, which offers various levels of marketing exposure and opportunities for recognition.  Our partners can increase their reach within this trusted community by being showcased on website listings, marketing materials, member communications, training presentations, and other industry related events.

There are three levels within our partner program with different benefits: premier, champion and associate.

  • Premier – At $3,500, this level provides the most exposure for your business with top billing on member alert bulletins, website pages and a shoutout at the beginning of training seminars. Plus, it covers two full years of membership dues.
  • Champion – For $1,500, this option gives you one year of membership dues with your company’s  logo added to our homepage, marketing materials, events,  and our prospective member packet.
  • Associate – The least expensive option at $750 for the year is only available to vendor companies. As with all of the memberships, this level adds your company to the member list on the website, marketing fliers and brochures and your logo at the end of training seminars. 

If you’re not quite ready to commit to the partner program, you can still become a member of CPP, which offers the opportunity to grow your business by networking and interacting with other industry members. You’ll get all the resources you need to advance in the industry, both on an individual and firm-based level. Check out our membership here.

Join the CPP partner program today! 

Here at CPP SoCal, we support our members and partners with information that enables them to be as informed and proactive as possible to lower their exposure to theft and take better control when it comes to risk management. 

CPP members know, first hand, the value of membership and reach out to us for support. Our Partner Program allows recognition within a trusted community. We look forward to connecting with you!

Give yourself the support you deserve and become a partner today!

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