As 2021 comes to an end, let’s take a moment to look back on just a few highlights from CPP SoCal equipment recoveries: 

March 4, 2021

CPP sent out a Theft Alert  bulletin when a member reported their Bobcat S550 stolen in February.  Investigators with the SANCATT taskforce  reached out to CPP for assistance when they saw a similar unit while serving a warrant on a chop shop in San Bernardino. The Bobcat’s identification numbers had been removed but based on information in CPP’s Theft Alert bulletin and provided by our member, the S550 was confirmed as our members and recovered. 

Value: $31,000

June 30, 2021

CPP was contacted by our member Sunstate Equipment Rental when they had a GPS equipped Bobcat S570 stolen. A second GPS tracker proved to make all the difference; the thieves removed one tracker but failed to locate the second one. CPP reached out to SANCATT Detectives in San Bernardino who were able to locate the unit in Hesperia. A warrant was served and SANCATT recovered a total of 6 stolen vehicles: two motorcycles, two equipment trailers, one pickup truck, Sunstate’s Bobcat and a generator belonging to AT&T. Two suspects were arrested. Value: $129,000

July 6, 2021

CPP was contacted by law enforcement for assistance in identifying the owner of a trailer that was located at a tow yard in the City of Orange.  Despite having all manufacturer’s markings removed and the GPS disabled, CPP was able to identify a hidden marking on a trailer as the OAN* of our member, OC405 Partners. The trailer had been stolen almost a month prior to arriving at the tow yard.  Yet another great example of the importance of utilizing a “layered approach” when marking your equipment and how CPP can help! Value: $20,000

*Owner Applied Number

October 18, 2021

CPP member Sunbelt Equipment Rental reported the theft of a 2013 Magnum MMG235 at the beginning of August from their customer’s job in Hollywood. GPS initially showed that the unit was located at a large cartel-run illegal marijuana grow in Los Angeles County but was moved to another location in Riverside County before investigators could safely serve a warrant. Thanks to RAID and TRAP teams, the unit was recovered without incident. Value: $30,000

October 28, 2021

Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputies reached out to CPP for assistance when they were contacted by an individual who had recently purchased  a CAT 259D. The caller wanted to confirm the validity of his purchase. CPP was able to confirm that the unit had been stolen from CPP member Quinn Rental Services and it was returned to its rightful owner. Value: $70,000

December 3, 2021

Nearly a year after it was reported stolen, a John Deere Gator finally made its way back to its owner in Los Angeles. CPP sent out a “Law Enforcement Assist” email after being contacted by the Vernon PD for assistance and quickly received a call from one of our contacts that helped us find the owner. Value: $8,930

Let’s make a difference together

Remember that we’re stronger together and the likelihood of recovering stolen construction equipment is higher if we work as a team. A membership in CPP of SoCal can increase the odds that your stolen goods are recovered as we can utilize our vast network to help spread the word and raise awareness. Get more out of your membership by using our 24/7 Reward Hotline decals and signs to mark your equipment and work sites. Remember, “Together we can make a difference!”

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