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How CPP Will Assist You in Overcoming Challenges

Navigating the often complicated world of construction theft can be intimidating for any construction company. Not knowing where to turn for help when a theft occurs is typically the first hurdle an employee needs to overcome, but CPP SoCal is here to help by guiding you through the reporting and recovery process. You’re never alone when you have CPP by your side.

CPP’s knowledge-based approach to fighting construction crime translates to results for our members. We’ll share tips to create a layered approach that starts with protecting and guarding your equipment from theft in the first place. Our members also receive guidance on the best ways to protect their equipment from theft, such as by marking tools with your company logo and other proven markings to increase the likelihood of them being recovered after a theft. Thanks to our 24-hour reward hotline, the odds of getting your equipment back is even better. 

If you experience a loss of construction equipment despite these precautions, we’ll offer support and connect you to a community that is dedicated and experienced in fighting construction crime, including local and regional law enforcement and industry partners. You can also count on us to coordinate with law enforcement on your behalf to make the process easier for you. We’ll spread the word about your theft to more than 400 contacts in our database to describe what was stolen.

CPP offers support to help you address all forms of construction crime and provides free training to teach your employees about how to deal with it. We’ll offer tips on how to spot compromising situations and diffuse them before the theft occurs. Additionally, these useful training programs can improve your overall knowledge of construction-based crimes and keep you informed so you know the warning signs to be looking out for. We’ll help you learn what information to share while filing a police report to increase your chances of a successful outcome.  

Empower yourself with the tools and knowledge to handle construction theft. Join our training program today! 

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