Reward Hotline Decals for Prevention and Purpose

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Small Investment Can Deliver Big Returns In the first quarter of 2019, the construction industry’s Crime Prevention Program of Southern California (CPP SoCal) members who reported thefts had an 87% recovery rate of the equipment. The many layers of prevention available to CPP members contribute to this

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Grandma Helped Recover Your John Deere

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By Melissa Somers “KEEP ON DOING GOOD AND YOU WILL SURELY BE REWARDED.” ASHOK THAKKER Grandma helped recover your John Deere Walking home from our house Christmas eve You might think there’s no such thing as a reward But as for me and Grandma, we believe You

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Taking Steps to Prevent Seasonal Crime

Taking Steps To Prevent Seasonal Crime

When You’re Home for the Holidays Secure the Jobsite As the holidays approach, our attention often shifts from work requirements to all that is associated with a little time off to spend with family and friends. This is often when there are longer than usual periods of

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Taking the Charge Out of Battery Theft

Taking The Charge Out Of Battery Theft

“’I must do something’, always solves more problems than ‘Something must be done’”. Unknown Batteries might as well have a target on them: they can be relatively easy to steal, many companies don’t have any way of identifying the batteries if they are stolen, and they can

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Rental Industry Security Coalition

RISC meetings are an opportunity for rental companies of all sizes to openly discuss problematic topics and discover ways to address the distinctive concerns and challenges rental companies encounter. Each meeting allows for open conversation between rental company representatives, prevention specialists and CPP invited guests. RISC gatherings

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The Ripple Effect article April 2019

The Ripple Effect Article April 2019

“YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE REPSONSIBILITY OF TOMORROW BY EVADING IT TODAY” – ABRAHAM LINCOLN  We are seeing an uptick – and a healthy one at that- of crime in California.  I’m hearing from rental companies, contractors, friends and neighbors the same thing: “Am I nuts or is

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Taking a Stand

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CPP recently hosted a Rental Industry Prevention Summit*, bringing together a group of individuals representing rental companies large and small, to begin an ongoing discussion about theft issues and  challenges present in today’s ever-changing rental industry.  

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Stick it to Scrooge

Stick It To Scrooge

Holiday Theft Prevention to Help Master the Merriment By Melissa Somers, Executive Director, CPP of SoCal THE HOLIDAY SEASON is supposed to be a time of traditions, togetherness and fun. We are inclined to go a bit overboard in trying to make the most of every minute

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