Shedding Light on the Growing Issue of Catalytic Converter Theft By Melissa Somers, CPP SoCal Executive Director “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” Albert Einstein Catalytic converter thefts are all over the news. Anyone that’s been a victim of a

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CPP SoCal Recoveries: Top Recoveries of 2020

Cpp Socal Recoveries: Top Recoveries Of 2020

Construction Site Crime Updates 2020 had its fair share of issues but in spite of the numerous obstacles, CPP of SoCal, with the support of our partners, was able to have many heavy equipment recoveries worth a pause. While the coronavirus pandemic has impacted all of us with

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Addressing Challenges to Prevent Heavy Equipment Crime

Addressing Challenges To Prevent Heavy Equipment Crime

Taking Productive Steps for Best Outcomes Construction crime, especially crimes involving heavy equipment, can present countless challenges that plague many people in the construction industry and law enforcement.  In last month’s blog post, we discussed the importance of knowing that we can lessen the potential damage that

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Recognizing the Challenges of Heavy Equipment

Recognizing The Challenges Of Heavy Equipment
Construction Crime Conundrums Every industry has inherent challenges. The construction industry is no exception. Construction theft, and more specifically thefts that involve heavy equipment, present more than their fair share of challenges. Taking time to raise your awareness of some of the challenges, and then discerning whichRead more

How CPP of SoCal Aids Law Enforcement

How Cpp Of Socal Aids Law Enforcement

Preventing, Solving Construction Crime According to retired law enforcement professional Lou Koven, there are two kinds of construction companies: “Those that have been a victim and those who are going to be.” Koven’s more than 40 years of experience dealing with construction crime translates to a great

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