Balancing Act

By Melissa Somers, Executive Director, CPP Mastering the balancing act of providing top notch customer service while still taking measures to protect your company from theft or fraud can be an ongoing task that can prove challenging. No one wants to intentionally provide a less-than-exceptional experience for

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Community Matters


Preventing Crime Through “Front Porch Living” “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller While crime effects everyone in a community in some way, crime prevention is often an afterthought. We tend to become acutely aware of crime AFTER the incident

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A Layered Approach to Crime Prevention

The Shrek Effect
The Shrek Effect “Ogres are like onions…..  Onions have layers” Shrek the Ogre, from the movie Shrek Almost everyone has had the timeless experience of sitting in a darkened theatre watching a movie that is intended for children and surprisingly laughing as much, if not more, thanRead more

Preparing Your Company For A Healthier 2017

Preparing Your  Company  For A Healthier 2017

“Don’t wait until you’re ready to take action. Instead, take action to be ready.” Jensen Siaw Many start the New Year with a resolution…. Sometimes they last and, well, sometimes they fizzle out sooner than we’d like to admit. The intention is good, but sometimes the methods

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