John Hootman Memorial Award

Crime Prevention Program of Southern California John Hootman Memorial Award

The John Hootman Memorial Award is the only award presented on behalf of the construction industry to a law enforcement individual or agency in Southern California.

The John Hootman Award is a unique opportunity for the construction industry to recognize law enforcement and other investigative or insurance individuals or groups that have made a noticeable contribution in fighting construction crime.  

Congratulations and a giant THANK YOU to CPP’s 2016 recipients:

Detectives Banuelos and Strout of the CHP Inland Division ISU for their hard work and dedication.

Detectives Banuelos and Strout teamed up with police in Florida to put the brakes on a theft ring that was stealing engines from construction vehicles and selling them, via the internet, in California and throughout the country.  They worked tirelessly with Florida PD, the victims that had unknowingly purchased the engines and insurance companies to not only put a stop to the operation but to ensure that the innocent individuals who had purchased the engines could keep them.  Their investigation helped recover $2 million in losses and is a great example of the importance and value of all law enforcement officers. “

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